Mick Wilson is an artist, educator and researcher based in Sweden and Belgium. He is currently Professor of Art at Gothenburg University, and Fellow at BAK, basis voor aktuele kunst, Utrecht (2018/2019). He was previously head of Valand Academy, Sweden (2012-2018) and founder Dean of GradCAM, Ireland (2008-2012). Co-edited volumes include (with Paul O’Neill et al.) Curating and the Educational Turn (2010); Curating and Research (2014); The Curatorial Conundrum (2016); How Institutions Think (2017); and (with S.v.Ruten) SHARE Handbook (2013); and (with G. Zachia et al.) Public Enquiries (2018). His research interests include questions of how collaborative research practice emerges from the contemporary art field; the question of critical educational infrastructures in the context of segregated cities; the question of political imaginaries within, and beyond, the contemporary art field; and the specific question of political community with the dead in colonial-modernity, which is the topic of his research project at BAK in 2018-2019.