Maxime Gourdon (b.1993) is a French curator, writer and cinematographer: usually one at a time, sometimes combining some of them; if this is ever possible. He earned an MA in Cinema from the ENS Louis Lumière in Paris (FR), MFA and Postgraduate in Curatorial studies both at KASK Ghent (BE), and is currently enrolled at Dutch Art Institute (NL). He contributes to collective projects, publications, and works with filmmakers and artists in the making of exhibitions and film production. Long-term projects fits with orality, research and confrontation — leisure and work are intertwined as definition-making practice in continuous conversation. Using his diverse background to provide maintenance of collective working situations, as well with guidance to artists projects and exhibition making, he entertains a dialogue with contextual and political issues.

He pursues a curious self-taught approach of visual culture, critical theory and art history; based on affective interests, political commitment and encounters. He organized a couple of exhibitions and film programmes in Belgium, short fiction, documentary and artists' films as cinematographer and regularly contributes to publications with texts and photographs.